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Wondering where you can cut costs in your business? Are you tired of hefty electricity bills, quarter after quarter? The solution is solar energy. Invest now, run a more sustainable business and watch your electricity costs diminish!

Solar power is the way of the future for businesses in Australia. Aside from being a money saving investment, solar power will help you to achieve a higher green rating and will allow your business to operate in a more environmentally conscious way. If you choose to relocate to a new commercial space down the track, you have the option of moving your solar panel system with you. 


Our Installations

Rethink How You Power Your Commercial Space

You can trust the team at Active Energy Group with your solar installation. No job is too big or too small for our experienced team. 100% Australian owned and operated, Active Energy Group guarantees quality installation, professional service and ongoing support for your system.

Solar Consultation

If you’re ready to learn more, chat to our team and organise a consultation. During the initial stages, we’ll assess your eligibility for solar. This will depend on a number of factors including roof orientation and your business’ current energy usage. Once we’ve confirmed the benefits for your business, we’ll determine the number of solar panels required and form a personalised quote. 

During initial consultations, our team is more than happy to answer questions and discuss the steps undertaken, from start to finish.

Industrial Solar Installation

Once installation begins, it won’t be long before your property is running completely off renewable energy. Installation is fast and simple. Our team guarantees quality installation with products supplied by our trusted partners. We understand that solar panels are a long term investment and the longevity of your solar energy system is incredibly important. We take pride in ensuring your panels are long lasting and efficient for many years to come.

Second-to-none Service and Ongoing Maintenance

You can rely on Active Energy Group to provide the best quality service with a smile. We pride ourselves on our willingness to understand our customers’ wants and needs, which allows us to identify the best possible solution. Our strong customer rapport and commitment to quality ensures successful installation and the best, ongoing performance. 

Our support and expertise doesn’t end after installation. We provide ongoing solar maintenance to every one of our customers to ensure your system runs smoothly and efficiently, long into the future. 

Solar panels require very little maintenance, however it’s important that vegetation is cleared and any repairs are made when necessary. With adequate care, the solar panels on your commercial property will continue to efficiently produce power.

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