Fronius Solar Inverters Leading the Solar Power Market

Fronius Solar Inverters Leading the Solar Power Market
July 17, 2019 David Taylor
In Solar



The effects of climate change are undeniable; freeing ourselves from an outdated dependence on coal and crude oil as a source of energy is becoming steadily important for both utility companies and consumers. Fronius has made significant leaps in this direction with the the Fronius Energy Package. The Fronius Energy Package not only generates energy but also stores the surplus solar energy in within the Fronius Solar Battery to be consumed as needed – even if the sun isn’t shining.

The 2015 World Climate Summit brought climate targets to the fore – targets Fronius have represented and been working towards for many years. We understand the future will hold countless challenges, from e-mobility to efficient energy management and comprehensive strategies for energy supply. At Fronius we plan to meet these challenges head on; we will continue to play a crucial role in the future and carry out research into new, revolutionary technologies.

Since the Launch of Fronius into the Solar Power Market they have gone in leaps and bounds creating the Sunrise Photovoltaic Solar Power Inverter in 1995 to now complete storage packages with the Hybrid Inverter and Lithium Ion Battery taking out the Gold at the European MTB Awards.

The simple goal to reduce fossil fuel consumption and demands on energy grids by working towards the perfect 24hr Solar Power storage solution. At active energy we support that goal and utilise Fronius Inverters on our premium Solar Power Solutions.

With an amazing support network a fantastic commercial standing and great vision we at active energy highly recommend the Fronius Solar Power Inverter.