Rural Solar Power Installations

Rural Solar Power Installations
July 28, 2019 David Taylor
In Solar

Power to your Home in Rural Areas can be tricky along with expensive setting up or building a new home in Rural Areas in Australia is fraught with extra expenses and road blocks depending on access to the electricity grid and power lines near your block or land.

Solar Power can be an independent or combined solution to reduce the costs of living in Rural Areas. Off Grid or Stand Alone systems are some times a far cheaper expense for people in isolated areas as the connection fees in order to clear trees and build power lines to the property can be extremely costly.

Active Energy Group is here to provide these solutions and are closely following the State Governments and their proposals to assist Rural Australia and Solar Power. Combinations of Interest free loans and extra incentives are being handed out in Victoria, Tasmania and now the N.S.W Government is looking to roll out a similar incentive scheme to forward the progression of Solar Power Installations and expand the assistance to the Power Grid across Australia.

NSW Labor aims for “at least” 50% renewables by 2030

The 50 per cent target for renewable energy means that each of the state grids in the National Electricity Market would have a 50 per cent target by 2030. Tasmania is already there, South Australia will likely source close to 100 per cent of its demand through wind and solar by 2030, and ACT will reach that milestone by 2020.

Victoria and Queensland, both with Labor governments, have committed to 50 per cent renewables by 2030.

NSW, however, is the biggest grid in the state. It is thought that another 3 or 4GW of capacity will be needed by 2030 – over and above the 7GW announced a few weeks ago. Hence the new Incentive to encourage Solar Power Installations across the State and combination Solar Power Storage Solutions.


We at Active Energy Group Australia will keep you informed and can provide any and all assistance required.