Smart Ways To Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

Smart Ways To Keep Your Home Cool In Summer

Energy efficient cooling in peak Australian summer

As the weather heats up, the first thing we reach for is the air conditioning remote. The cool air is too good to beat, so it’s no surprise we turn to it time and time again. This quintessential habit can cost us big bucks, and we’re usually fronted with a fat power bill at the end of the summer months. 

This doesn’t need to be the case!

Our summers are certainly getting warmer and warmer, justifying some serious thought into how we can cool our homes more efficiently. Small home improvements, cooling system updates and renewable energy are all effective approaches. Let’s delve a little deeper and uncover how you can make small changes that will make a big difference to your comfort at home, and to your wallet when the bills come through.

Update your cooling systems

The first step to running a more energy efficient home is to upgrade to more efficient appliances, including your ceiling fans. Given that our cooling systems are generally what cost us the most money to run, it makes sense to update these in the lead up to summer. Combined with solar panels, energy efficient cooling systems will ensure you use minimum power from the grid, keeping your power bill at a low cost. 

Our team of expert electricians specialise in home eco-improvements and can assist with updating your appliances. It may be surprising to uncover which appliances are costing you the most.

Tend to Your Air Conditioning Unit

We tend to neglect our air conditioning units over winter, so it’s no surprise they require some extra care before they’re forced into full swing for summer. Prior to using your air conditioners regularly, work through the following checklist to ensure they’re performing at their best and in the most efficient way possible. 

  • Check and clean all filters and replace where needed
  • Check and clean the evaporator coil
  • Cut back any vegetation surrounding the unit
  • Ensure the seal between the window and air conditioning unit hasn’t deteriorated due to moisture damage

Window Placement

Sunlight that hits your windows directly can heat your home significantly. While it’s best to consider window orientation during a new build, there are measures you can take to block sunlight if your current window placement is unfavourable at certain times of the year. Try shading your windows with blinds, shutters awnings or plants. This will allow you to block out the sun during the hottest times of the days and will ensure your cooling efforts are not overcome by natural heating.

Home Insulation

Insulation is what keeps our homes cool in summer and warm in winter. During summer, it prevents hot air from making its way through our walls and into our homes. Insulation is key to an energy efficient home, however if you’re living in an older home, there’s a good chance your insulation isn’t adequate for current Australian climates.

Talk to a professional to assess how much insulation is in your home and if you could benefit from installing more. By preventing the heat from entering your home, it will be far more efficient to cool your home to a comfortable temperature during summer.

Install Solar Panels

If you tend to run cooling systems during peak hours of sunlight in summer, solar panels will significantly reduce the cost of your power bill. Using clean, renewable energy to run the appliances that use the most energy throughout summer, will benefit the environment and boost your home’s efficiency. 

Keep your home cool all summer long without the guilt of increased energy consumption and a whopping power bill. Make smart choices when it comes to eco-improvements, maintain your cooling systems and prepare your home so it can handle the heat!

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