Suntech Solar Panels and Active Energy Group

Suntech Solar Panels and Active Energy Group
July 11, 2019 David Taylor
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Suntech solar panels were designed and created in the Sydney University specifically for the Australian Climate!

Suntech solar modules power through the elements. Fog or cloud, wind or dirt Suntech products are built to last. All of their modules undergo rigorous testing and pass international standards with flying colours. What does this mean for you? Durability, quality, and energy independence.

We here at Active Energy Group have Suntech solar panels as our premium offering as we are contributing to the country’s renewable energy footprint in the rural community with the most durable and energy efficient panels for the very best solar power result.

Suntech solar panels are proud to offer customers an industry-leading linear warranty. We guarantee a 97% power output in the first year, with nominal output decreases of no more than 0.7% through the module’s 25th year. Thereby one ends with 80.2% nominal power guaranteed in the 25th year after the defined warranty starting date. Research and testing shows this puts longevity of performance far above their competitors.

Active Energy Group recommends Suntech solar panels for these very reasons.

Suntech solar, from Bendigo to Beijing!

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